New horizons


Dear Audio16 followers and readers,

The both of us have since 2012 been focused on offering a large variety of articles concerning our shared hobby, modestly attempting to contribute to this audio freak community we belong to.

We deeply thank you for your attention to our efforts and contributions you have made along the way.

We have decided to take our approach to another level with two separate blogs focused on two opposite dimensions we have embraced.  will be carrying on the path of horns, full range, simple and effective, insights into the vintage western electric, effective solutions at source and amplification, and yes the high efficiency path to ones very own sound when off the shelf will not suffice….continuing with my signature “all fun…” will continue reporting and circulating news from the analogue and digital world, providing experiences from testing very special turntables, tonearms, cartridges and digital gear.

Audio16 will no longer be publishing articles. All the existing articles can be found at either or

We wish that you continue to follow us in our future endeavours.

E & T all fun….